2013 Not-A-Year-In-Review: Making magazines, photographing awesome people, and trimming down Facebook.

kona pro red shirt surfer jacksonville pier september 2013

Not a year-in-review, but a few months-in-reivew… 

The last few months have kept me pretty busy with work. In October through the end of November, we put together our largest winter issue of Jackson Hole Magazine to date. Our team is getting tighter and stronger each issue. The amount of work our editors and contributors put into the stories is nuts. It’s hard to believe I’ve been with the magazine longer than I was in middle school and high school together now.

After that, I got another little gig to put together a heavy music magazine, Ghost Cult—a slight diversion from the normal regional publications I’ve always worked on. It was fast, dirty, and fun and I really dig how it came out. I can’t say I really have owned a music magazine since the ’90s with my old favorite Spin, so I was going into the design purely on my own thoughts and very little reference.

I live with a lot of rules I set in place with myself design-wise and I’m at a point with things where I’m trying harder and harder to break them. It takes new jobs, different parameters to get my brain working differently.

I’m not going to lie, the past year was spent worrying about money and how to make a super successful business. Facebook and social media, in general, has been a mental suck this past year. Probably years before that, too, but I’ve just realized how miserable it had been making me. Looking at other photographers, other small businesses, the constant daily dribble of how amazing everyone’s business is going… it was draining me. Slowly, my Facebook feed started filling up slower as I began muting and unliking more and more things. Before I knew it, there wasn’t a lot to want to keep up with on there anymore.
As much great and not-so-great content that’s being produced and fed to us hourly, I look forward to avoiding as much of it as I can in this coming year and focus on what I want to be doing and figuring out which things I actually want to be reading and viewing.

In a lot of ways, this year has been our most successful year-to-date with the photography business. I can’t help but think that it was after I drifted away from the social media stuff. We’ve been so fortunate to have some of the best clients I could ask for. It’s just the best thing working with genuinely good people and producing work the clients really love. I’m learning to love my own work, too, but I’m always looking to do better and better so I can’t really judge myself.

More things I want to see this coming year:

• Beautifully-crafted prints, posters, and papers.
• Unexpected new things that I’ll find interesting.
• A list should have more than 3 things, but I can’t think of anything else right now. More TK.

kona pro surfer 2013 jacksonville beach florida with neon green surfboard

(These shots are from the 2013 Kona Pro surf competition in Jacksonville Beach back in September 2013).

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