50mm March, Springtime.

pink azaleas blooming in spring central florida

I don’t know if it’s being a new homeowner, but my eyes are a little more open to the flowers blooming and plants growing around here right now. I always hated yards and yard work growing up. My grass and pollen allergies didn’t agree with me and the raging Florida sun/heat/humidity triple threat was a real deterrent.

As I’ve got older, I’ve grown to like gardening a bit more. There’s something satisfying in knowing I made my house look little nicer. I do wish the entire lawn was xeriscaped, though, and I’m not sure how it will look after our first summer.

I mentioned to my mom how beautiful all of the blooming camellias look right now and she brought us one back from our town’s big plant and garden show that we missed. Ours will have pink blooms, not those crimson red ones that are below there. It’ll take years to grow to a good size. It’ll be fun to see it grow with us here at our house.

I swear I’m not turning into a flower photographer. This 50mm March is pushing me to find something interesting to shoot every day and this is what’s around me right now.

black and white donkey burro burrito ocala national forest

rose pink blossoms on a branch

fresh from florida strawberries on pound cake

camellias red as a rose moss

pollen allergies trees southeast

pink azaleas with a flying bee

mister fritzy 50mm march

purple petals and yellow stamen with pollenating bee buzzing

gorgeous lady pink flowers with outrageous bright green leaves

red berries lawn clippings bush

white flowers growing on tree branch

crimson red rouge camellias bob wines ocala fl

a corgi with his ball on a welcome mat outside the door

sunrise springtime printemps silver springs fl


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