Wayne Smith and his late best friend Fritzy Smith.Thanks for stopping coming by!

I’m Wayne Smith, aka SmithandFritzy on Instagram—painter, illustrator, and art director.

After admiring other artists and illustrators for a lifetime, I started my own journey in watercolors and inks in February 2017. Exactly one year later, I started writing about my artistic practice here at My goal is to encourage others to set out on their own journey into art. It has been life changing for me, opening doors I never knew existed and creating meaningful relationships with others.

In my artistic practice, I love painting portraits. Colors seem to find their own life and there’s a spontaneous magic in seeing how they come to be in my paintings. With my background in portrait photography, it seems natural that I’m drawn to understanding how light and color interplay with the face.

I love talking about art and life so feel free to message me on Instagram, comment on a post, or just email me at and I’ll get back with you ASAP. I am currently accepting commissions, too!