Back to our regularly scheduled program… Flashback Friday!

Is Flashback Friday a thing? I missed Throwback Thursday.This week has been so busy launching The Bio Writer and setting up a ton of new photography work, but I took a moment at lunch here today and dig through some of my old birding photos before Foxtale Photography was even a thing.

After moving back to Florida from Jackson Hole, Wyoming several years ago, I was having withdrawals from the wilderness, wildlife and wonder that is the West. Our frequent trips into Yellowstone National Park were now a thing of the past. I had to find something to take its place.

So much of Florida has been turned into subdivisions and concrete that the easiest thing to turn to were the mass of birding trails available in the state. We quickly became wrapped up with birding—learning all the different 350+ species that live or come through our area, where they spend their time, what times of year they’re found—and the camera was always on my hip. It’s a real life Pokemon game, without the fighting and throwing balls at things.

One of the nice things about birding is that you don’t always have to go out to do it, although we went to nearly every birding trail in a 2-hour radius from our house and then special trips to South Florida and Key West on occasion.

I don’t know why, but I rarely shared a lot of the birding photos I took over the course of about three years. I have so many to go through, so this is just from one day back in January of 2010 re-edited using VSCO. I’d love to share more with anyone interested as time goes on and I can revisit some of these older shots. I hate to imagine they all stay in a hard drive and never be seen.

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