Flea marketing at Renninger’s in Mount Dora

I‘ve been wanting to go down to Mount Dora for a few months now but haven’t had a reason. Today, a good reason came up—I wanted to get out of the house. Pretty good reason if you ask me.

While the Mount Dora art festival was going on this weekend, we bypassed the mayhem and went to Renninger’s flea market. The place has always been a haven for antiquers and spendthrifts but it’s grown so much as Orlando has sprawled its way into the area. As a teenager, my cousins and I would shop for old comic books, used tapes, and whatever interesting nicknacks would catch our eyes. It really hasn’t changed since then too much… just a lot bigger.

We were this close to buying a duckling but instead bought a fern. I think when the foxes come back to den for spring, a duck in the backyard may not fare well.

Afterward, we split a strawberry shortcake a la mode at the Oak Haven Strawberry Farm. Lots of folks were out enjoying the warm weather and clear blue sky picking bushels of strawberries. It’s a great time to go out and pick if you have a chance.

Now, back to work and designing magazines. Have a lovely Monday everyone!

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