Flowers by Trader Joe’s / Musings on VSCO Processing

We’ve bought some of these potted tulip and daffodil plants from Trader Joe’s recently. They’re fairly cheap ($2.50 for a small pot, $4 for a larger one) and you get to watch them bloom in a matter of days. The flowers stay nice for quite a while, about two weeks or so, and overall make the house feel a little warmer (especially on an overcast and chilly day like today).

I pulled out the Nikon D90 today with the Sigma 50mm f/2.8 EX DG Macro to get a closer perspective since the screens on our kitchen windows don’t make for the best background in wider shots. I underexposed a little more than normal just because that’s how it looks right now with the overcast weather. Usually the window light from our kitchen is non-existent or pretty harsh, so I was interested to see how this softer light would look.

For processing in Lightroom, I used VSCO Pack 1, Kodak Porta 160- for the color profile. After that, I applied the VSCO Film Toolkit’s Faded/Toning – Fuji 2 and then Faded. The Porta with the Fuji 2 faded/toning has given me my favorite colors most of the time. After exporting them, I took them into Photoshop and added a Gaussian noise around 6% (just subtle enough). I don’t normally add grain, but I really like VSCOcam’s grain on the iPhone and wanted to try out some here. I’ve always heard LR’s noise isn’t very good so I always take it off whenever I export my RAW files to JPEG.

Personal Note:
I’d really love to get a more compact camera that I feel more comfortable taking everywhere. I’ve been bringing my camera with me every time I go out but it tends to not be taken out much still. I don’t like feeling like eyes are on me when I take out the 5D… it’s just so bulky. I may be getting brainwashed by these mirrorless manufacturers, however, I really did love shooting with the Olympus EPL-1 on our cross-country trip in 2010.

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