Fog and Flowers: Spring in Florida

The photos I’ve pulled together here were taken during the last week around Ocala—the horse capital of the world, despite places like Wellington and I’m sure cities in Kentucky making the same claim. Still, we’re surrounded by horses and horse farms. That’s actually behind my backyard in the foggy horse field photos.

This was a particularly foggy morning and I was actually awake to grab a few photos of the horses in their pasture. We were headed to the Master Gardener Show at the Marion County Livestock Pavilion. Besides the oaks dropping pollen like a Holi festival, it was a really nice event with lots of nurseries and growers around the area. There were quite a lot of orchid growers (with plants priced very reasonably, too) but also edible gardeners like Crones Cradle came out. Only a $1 entry fee and we were given a free tomato plant for filling out a comment card when we left.

The cloud photos were from earlier in the week. I had a work meeting in Gainesville and there were the coolest plump cloud formations the whole way home. I stopped off to take some photos and as I pull my camera out, it wouldn’t click. No memory card. So I went back out that evening before sunset to see if I could capture any of it. I did end up getting some from earlier in the day, though, with my iPhone (which you can see over on my Instagram).


  • “Besides the oaks dropping pollen like a Holi festival…”

    That made me laugh out loud. 🙂

    Beautiful photos, of course! I’m so jealous of all the wide open space and mutha naytch you have instant access to. What’s the name of the alien looking flowers?

    • Tiger orchids. JK – I don’t remember. I’m no botanist… I bet there’s a name for someone who studies only flowers. (Nope, just looked it up, it’s still considered a botanist, though you can specialize in floriculture.)

      I was leaning up against an oak tree at the garden show and trying to take a pano on my phone and when I looked down, there were drops of pollen on my phone screen. I wiped them off then almost immediately—boom, more pollen. You don’t even want to see my car right now. There’s a giant old oak in the middle of my driveway.

  • Hi Florida man! I spent part of my summer new Ocala last year. I saw all of those lovely horses but I the flowers you captured, I did not see. You inspire me to go back!

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