I just can’t quit you, Canon 5D.

fog and smoke roads in central fl

Whew! I remember why I would stop blogging when I was working at my old magazine. Very intense, lots of deadlines and pushing my creativity. On top of that, buying our first house, working on two other magazines, Thanksgiving, and life really made taking a photograph an afterthought last month.

A little chill came through town last night, though, and despite another issue already starting, I took a few minutes to walk around my backyard today and enjoy the beautiful weather with Fritzy—camera in tow. Our horse farm view will be gone soon along with the basketball hoop that I never re-netted (it’s in the carport somewhere), the mosquitos that still attacked me in 60-degree weather, and the neighbor’s miniature schnauzers that enjoyed sneaking into our yard whenever they could.

We’ll take the plant and flower pots my Auntie gave us, the Christmas cactus my mom gave us last year and already bloomed, and the few plants that have lived in spite of our care. The new place will have plenty of light for them.

With the new year coming, I have some really fun ideas for a new project. I don’t know whether I will keep writing about photography here as I don’t really know if its of use to anyone, but I’m glad I have a space to just post photos and write when I feel like it.

All of this leads to the topic of my post: I can’t quit my Canon 5D classic. Not for now at least. As much as I’ve enjoyed shooting with the Olympus, I really love the full frame from the 5D and the colors it produces. If I had an extra grand hanging around, I would definitely use it as my carry-around, but did I mention buying a new house?

One last thing, my talented friend Briana Morrison just launched her new site and it looks so great. She’s been working really hard for years, creating some breath-taking portraits and creative photography with all kinds of film and polaroids. She’s an explorer with a real vision, doing some of the most interesting work I’ve seen right now.

leafy blue sky in ocala florida

barnyard leaves equine industry

christmas cactus in pottery

the most beautiful dog in the world

old multi-level pottery aged worn down

foggy morning silver springs live oak moss classic

basketball hoop medium format old vintage weathered


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