2016: Let’s work together!

japanese magnolia tree in bloom ocala florida

2015 was a great recharging year. While taking a break from my photography business, I tried to dissociate how I earn a living from the emotions and feelings about the art I create. That’s difficult since I’m an art director by trade. At the same time, I’ve been an art director my entire career where photography was always a love. I spent so much time trying to understand what people wanted from my photography that I didn’t even know what I was shooting anymore.

I don’t really know what 2016 will bring for my photography, but I’m not really concerned, either. My only hope is to have time to shoot more and connect with more people to share it with.

I posted the image below on my Instagram feed today with the caption: “Let’s work together.” I think that’s my motto for the following year. I tend to work by myself on most things, but after a really fulfilling job with my old coworkers at Jackson Hole Magazine last quarter, I was reminded how much stronger things can be working in collaboration.

Something I’ve always wanted to do with this blog is to connect others with people who are really doing something and pushing themselves to be more. I will begin showcasing other bloggers, photographers, and artists on here in coming weeks who take that extra step and strive to do more. I hope it leads to more collaborations and motivation for others who continue pushing to better yourselves.

Here’s to a bright 2016!

single japanese magnolia blossom on tree

winter 2016 january spanish moss blossoms pink purple

(These shots are of the Japanese magnolia in front of our new house that started blooming in chilly January.)

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