My Art Desk

My art station with mid century modern orange vinyl chair and natural light lampMy art desk (serendipitously given to me just a few weeks into starting painting in February 2017 by someone making room in their studio) is where I do the majority of my painting.

I work primarily with watercolors and ink, most of which are still the first tubes and bottles that I first started with. I’ll admit it, I’m really frugal. I work on a free desk, the mid-century modern chair is from an excellent flea market deal at Renniger’s in Mount Dora, and the .005 Pigma Micron I use was a Black Friday giveaway this year from the Sketchbook Project.

My favorite watercolor paint this past year is easily my Winsor & Newton professional series .5 ml tube of Opera Rose. It was the fourth color I purchased and when I first used it I was almost blinded by it’s vibrance. I didn’t think I’d use it very much but I was totally wrong. It’s such a beautiful color with a ton of versatility and mixes well with several other colors. It is my staple.

I don’t favor any brand over another, I just like playing with colors. Unless someone wants to sponsor me, then I’m all about your brand 😛 (kidding).

I use a Kimberly HB pencil to do my initial sketching and a kneaded eraser to take it off once an image is inked. My puppy Ory apparently loves kneaded erasers, too! He won’t stop trying to eat it off my desk if I’m not looking. My pencil is also nearly a nub so it’s time to go refill on some supplies.