Sunsetin’ and Food Truckin’ in Mount Dora


Last night, we took my nieces and nephew to their first (and probably last) Food Truck Bazaar in Mount Dora. During the drive, it started pouring rain with a few flashes of lightning popping at a distance. We took cover in the best cupcake shop around (Cupcake Delights) until the rain lightened up some—and maybe ate a chocolate mousse cupcake. By the way, Cupcake Delights is moving into a new building in downtown where they’re also going to start making gourmet cake doughnuts.

I didn’t get very adventurous with my food choice and stuck with my favorite dish at the TasteBuds truck, tostones with chicken, while my niece had an angus beef brisket BBQ sandwich from Caro-Bama BBQ truck.

The rain finally let up and we enjoyed watching the sun go down over Lake Dora. Cloudy post-rain skies seem to bring out the most beautiful colors at sunset. A fog rolled over the water next to the boardwalk, which is being rebuilt at the moment. The alligators started making their way out into the lake leaving the subtle wake behind them. A smaller one flipped around in the water, making a loud splash, which sent off a perched great blue heron into a screaming fit.

On our ride back home, the kids and I sang some classic songs like “Welcome to the Jungle,” “Make ’em Say Ugh,” and “Fat-bottomed Girls.” I’m so classy.





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