Take your camera everywhere.

There’s a little trail down the road that I’ve never stopped at despite it being less than two minutes away. Cameras in hands, I took to the Silver Springs Conservation Area Trail and walked down loosely marked leafy and sandy paths. The noise of the cars from Baseline Road and 7th Street didn’t make me feel very “away from the city.” A few minutes in, I looked back and saw nothing but trees and suddenly felt very alone.

I always have noise around me. Podcasts, TV, music… I need something playing. If that damn traffic would go away, I could have had silence. Oh well. I chose to focus on the sound of the leaves falling to the ground. A rustle to the right of me—a blue-tailed mole skink slithers through the dead leaves. I started looking everywhere for snakes. Today was nice a warm. I didn’t want to run into one in all the brush—and fortunately I didn’t.

It was on the trail that I realized I can’t remember hiking anywhere by myself. I felt pretty vulnerable. I didn’t have to worry about grizzlies, buffalo, coyotes and wolves like back in Idaho but snakes and drug addicts freak me out a little more. Both will warn you that they’re around but you can’t really trust either of them.

I recently tweeted how I take my camera bag with me as much as I can but rarely pull it out to take photos. It’s a mix of being camera shy and not feeling motivated to photograph anything where I’m at. I’m trying to be better, hence this entry. I know people respond more to colors, foods, and cute things but I went ahead and documented the greens, greys, and browns of our forests this time of year.

Camera + Processing Information

The photos are a mix of the Canon 5D classic + Canon 50mm f/1.4 and the Nikon D90 + Sigma 50mm f/2.8 EX DG Macro. In Lightroom, I processed the photos with VSCO pack 1 and Fuji 160C then applied the Faded+ in the tool kit. Most of them, I bumped up the contrast level after applying the Faded+. In Photoshop, I tried applying noise again, seeing if I could approve upon those last photos. I’m not one-hundred percent sure about this one, but it is a monochrome gaussian noise pattern set at 1.5. When applied to low-res versions, it appeared much stronger—not sure if it’s still too strong, but I just wanted to try it out.

By the way, check out that fluorescent orange on the bottom right fungus in the photo below—how cool is that? And the fifth photo down, I saw these ping-pong-sized balls (three of them) surrounded by webbing. Is it a spider sac or nest?

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