Things making me happy, April edition

donkey standing in dust bowl ocala florida

Things have been a bit busy the last few weeks and I’ve been unable to come up with a grand idea for a new article or shoot much that wasn’t being published somewhere else. Instead, I thought I would share some of the things that have been making me happy.

1.) Seasoning magazine. I’ve been on a hiatus trying to reconfigure my magazine while working with some other publications and brands. Yesterday, I made my first blog post on the website since last year. It was my way of telling people that things are moving again (and that it’s not dead.) I’ve had e-mails, phone calls, and messages from people around town asking when the next issue is coming out. One of the food trucks I featured (Reverend Ribs) told me how much my article about him affected his business and how people had drove out of town to go try his food. It’s a good feeling to know people connected with my work and what I developed. So as things develop, I’ll probably write about it more here.

2.) Stormy weather. This time of year, giant billowy dark clouds blanket the sky, pushing through briskly causing the branches in the oaks and the hanging moss to sway. When I was in college, I was sitting in the library looking out at this old oak in the middle of the courtyard as the afternoon storms passed through. It was so relaxing and I’ve never been able to shake that memory. It was like that in my backyard this afternoon. Rain bounced through the new leaves on the oaks, finally hitting the ground with a thud when the wind blew.

3.) True Detective. I’m late to the game on this one, but I’m glad I caught this finally. What a moody and thoughtful show! It’s unlike most of the popular shows these days full of sci-fi, fantasy, or zombies that felt as real as characters have gotten on television. And yeah, that opening song really just set the mood of the entire thing. It’s hard to imagine how many things have to come together to make a series like this between the actors, writers, cinematographers, etc.

4.) A new card game. During Easter, my cousin brought this card game Ascension with him for us to play over the holiday. After a few rounds of playing completely wrong and figuring out the rules, we finally got the hang of it and my brother even joined in. I don’t get to play board/card games very often (usually just on holidays) so I enjoyed learning a new game that had a lot of different strategies that changed around with every game. My cousin let me know about a free version on the iPhone which has let me learn the cards and understand strategies much better so the next time we play, I can kick some rump.

5.) Baby miniature donkeys. There’s this one little farm I drive by on my way to Island Grove with miniature donkeys and on a recent trip, I saw that one of them had a baby. I yelped for my wife when I saw it though she wasn’t with me. I’ve taken her by there when we’re out that way to see the tiny burro. This weekend was the closest we’d gotten to them but I couldn’t get a photo of them with my 50mm. This pregnant mama in the photo up top was happy to hang out with us, though. That means another baby miniature donkey is on its way!

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