Time lapse watercolor painting with me (Smith and Fritzy)!

watercolor time lapse videos process teaching video

Sometimes, I get requests to show my painting process and so today I’m sharing a fun flower crown watercolor painting I made this morning. The first few times I made time lapses, I was pretty nervous while painting. “What if I royally screw something up? How embarrassing!” A year into painting now, I feel more comfortable with observation as some things feel more natural to me. (See the video below!)

flower crown girl sketchbook doodle roses rosy cheeks
Here’s the sketchbook doodle (with watercolors that shouldn’t be used on this cheap thin paper) that I made before making the final version in the video.

With this painting/portrait in particular, I was doodling in my sketchbook (shout out to Sketchbook Skool!) and posted the really rough results on my Instagram stories. A woke up this morning to a few friends saying they really liked it so I thought I’d make a larger version of it. Painting early in the morning isn’t always my favorite time but I do enjoy going straight to the art desk and making something to start the day.

I have been making some fun sketchy flower crown portraits over the last month off and on. I laugh because I don’t make the prettiest flowers and I’m a middle-aged guy… why am I painting flower crowns? But I love the simple look of my swirly roses so who is going to stop me! (Cue the art police knocking down my door to take away my art license.)

I don’t know what it is about time lapses but I enjoy watching it myself, seeing something bloom from nothing. I’m happy to make more in the future when time allows but for now, back to making art!


Oh! And here’s the final piece (you can see it on my Instagram, too)

watercolor and ink painting process video rosy cheeks blue green eyes roses in her hair

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